Twisted Audio has expanded the range of motorcycle models its sound system can serve, and it expects to have high quality audio products for more models over the next year. Originally designed primarily for Harley-Davidson Road King and Heritage Softail motorcycles, the stereo system is now made for installation on models under the Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Victory brands, as well as other Harley models.

“After we introduced the original system for Harleys, all sorts of people approached us asking if they could install a Twisted Audio system on their bikes,” said Del Littrell, one of the partners in the firm along with David Gordon. “So we have been developing bracket systems to accommodate more and more motorcycle brands and models,”

Designed to meet factory finish and fit standards, the audio units are made for easy installation on non-fairing motorcycle windshields. The sound system features 100W audio output, integrated powered antenna, a heavy-duty AM/FM radio and auxiliary audio input for iPods and MP3 players. “The system offers exceptional sound quality and volume,” said Littrell. “People have found it unbelievable how well they can hear it, even with full-face helmets on.”

Features not found in other audio systems include a weather band and weather alert system integrated with the radio. The sound system is also exceptionally weather resistant. “This is a very durable product for all kinds of weather and road conditions, and gives the rider a heads up on the weather,” said Littrell.

“One of our goals was to make it very easy to install on non-fairing windshields. It basically just involves a couple of brackets that we customize for different bike models and windshields, and an electrical connection for the battery,” said Littrell. “We have videos on our website that demonstrate how easy the installation is. Almost anyone with a DIY sense can install the system in an hour or so, if that long.”

“For the most part, the stereo system itself is the same for all motorcycles. When ordering a stereo unit, the customer simply needs to specify the motorcycle model and they will receive the unit with the appropriate mounting hardware and wiring harness for their ride.”

“Our interest is to build a quality product that the everyday person can afford and keeps up with the trends in motorcycle technology. We plan to keep launching new products for our cycling friends nationwide. This is a product made by bikers for bikers. No other single unit system that we know of gives you as much for the money.”

“Our plan for 2013 is to ramp up our operations with new push to increase sales and production, and seriously establish ourselves in the market as a premium supplier of add-on sound systems.”

Littrell and his biker buddy Gordon started making the stereo system four years ago at the urging of fellow bikers. Littrell is a motor coach engineer and Gordon an electronics representative. It proved to be a good match of talent. “We made the kind of system we wanted to have on our bikes. Other bikers saw it and liked it. Now we’ve developed the capacity to take this product to a whole new level.” Other members of the Twisted Audio leadership team include Kendric Haithcox, Al Foris and AJ Littrell.

The audio systems may be purchased directly online at or through a number of dealers across the country. Please visit the website for more information.