ELKHART, Ind. — Twisted Audio is marking its fourth year as a manufacturer of windshield mounted stereo systems for non-fairing motorcycles with a drawing for a windshield stereo valued at $650 and a Twisted Audio Apparel item.

Entries must be submitted at https://twistedaudioradios.com/register-to-win no later than Jan. 31, 2013. Winners will be contacted by Feb. 7, 2013.

Twisted Audio was started in 2008 by Harley riders David Gordon and Del Littrell in Littrell’s garage after they received positive feedback on a prototype during the Harley® 105th Anniversary Ride that year. Gordon’s son came up with the name and Littrell’s son, serving as a Marine in Iraq at the time, developed the logo.

The stereos are designed for easy one-piece installation, with OEM fit and appearance, weather resistance, 100W audio output, integrated powered antenna, heavy-duty AM/FM radio with weatherband and weather alert, and auxiliary audio input for iPods and MP3 players. They may be purchased directly online at the above website or through a number of Harley-Davidson dealers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

“This is a business by riders for riders,” said Littrell. “It developed from the input of bikers and it’s still developing from biker input. In fact, the best part for us is the friendships we’ve developed with other bikers who like what we came up with.”

Littrell and Gordon have been friends for 30 years and creating and selling the new audio system fits their talents perfectly. Littrell is also a product engineer in the motor coach industry and Gordon was a product representative in the electronics industry.

 “Our interest is to build a quality product that the everyday person can afford and keep up with the trends with the latest in technology. We have a plan and will continue to launch new products to our cycling friends.

“We literally are a grass-roots company. We started slow and small to make sure we had a product our riding friends really wanted. Over the years we have refined and tested our products and now we are ready to tell the world about it. We hope to expand our operations and serve a wider group of bike owners as we move forward.”

Items motorcycle enthusiasts can look for on Twisted Audio’s new website include a calendar of biking events the company will be attending and a “Living the Life” blog of biking stories from the road.

“The biking community is a really close-knit family and the stories that come up are a big part of that bond,” said Littrell. “We want to encourage that and fit it in with our work.

“Developing these radios has been a great ride for us, and we expect it to get even better.Drawing for stereo system

For more information, visit https://twistedaudioradios.com.