The second place winner of a garage shirt in the Twisted Audio drawing for a free motorcycle radio is Tim Sarki of Allendale, Mich. Tim rides a Harley-Davidson Dyna and has, in fact, already installed a Twisted Audio radio on it.

“It didn’t take long at all,” he said. “I brought the windshield inside and within an hour I was back out in my garage removing the seat, taking out the two bolts and fishing the wire under the tank. I can’t wait until spring and bike time.”

 Tim’s bike is looking pretty spiffy now, as last year he added chameleon lights, “which look great at night going down the road. I want to be seen and that seemed to help.” 

Tim is 54 years old and says his thrill in life (along with his wife!) is to “crank on the throttle and hold on!”

Tim will be going to some upcoming bike shows — the Bike Swap March 25 at the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids, Mich; the Baldwin Cycle Show in Baldwin, Mich., May 18-20; and Bike Time in Muskegon, Mich., July 18-21. If you see a Harley-Davidson Dyna with chameleon lights and a Twisted Audio radio, you might say hi and ask Tim how the radio’s working out.